Skip to minute 36:20 to hear our Leadership present our 5 year 5/5/5 Vision! This BIG HARRY AUDACIOUS GOAL (aka., BHAG) was inspired by God to our Leadership to change the face and FAITH of Beaufort County as HBCC serves together IN the community over the next 5 years in a volume of ways we never thought possible! WE have been challenged by Isaiah 58:10-12 to “spend ourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed,” and when we do that God will “strengthen our frame” and we will be known as “Repairers of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” The HBCC Leadership has set forth the vision to collectively give $500,000 to our community in various ways and serve 50,000 hours in our community within the next 5 years.

We know…..WOW! But, these goals are only avenues to LOVE our community, share the LOVE of Jesus and change ETERNITIES!!

“How in the world are we going to donate $500,000 to the community and serve 50,000 hours in the community in the next 5 years with only a base of about 200 people?? This BHAG seems a little too BIG and HARRY and AUDACIOUS!” 

That’s a great question! And you’re right! It’s a pretty harry goal! BUT….We serve a BIG and POWERFUL God!
Remember 5 ft tall David and 9 ft tall Goliath in 1st Samuel chapter 17 in the Bible? David’s faith in God was so much bigger than the giant Goliath! David chose to tap into that faith as he bravely stood up to fight the biggest soldier in the Philistine army when no one else would. He wasn’t even a trained soldier! But, he knew a BIG God and he trusted that God would use and protect him no matter what. As Goliath stood before him laughing, David slung only one smooth stone at Goliath’s head with his sling shot, killing him instantly! Because of David’s great faith and courage, the Philistines retreated and the Israelites were saved so that God’s purposes could be fulfilled! That same God and same power is how we will conquer this “giant” of a goal before us!
Oh! And remember Shadrach, Meshack & Abednego from Daniel Chapter 3 in the Bible?? Long story, short….there were these 3 dudes who REFUSED to bow down and worship an image of the King of Babylon because they worshipped the one, true God. Well, because of their resolve to only worship our God, the one true God, they were willing to risk the punishment of being thrown into a fiery furnace and be killed! BUT what happened? God not only protected them from the fire, HE JOINED THEM IN THE FIRE!!! And because of their great faith, they were not only saved from a horrible death, the King of Babylon praised our one, true God also!….YEP! Same God! Same power!!
And that VERY SAME power that God used to raise Jesus from the tomb so that death and satan would be conquered for eternity, is the SAME power we will tap into to make this BIG HARRY AUDACIOUS GOAL happen!
BUT…we MUST have 100% participation! As we carry this goal on our shoulders for the next 5 years together we are not carrying it alone.
Let’s remain resolved and focused on those that WILL be introduced to a saving relationship with Jesus BECAUSE of our willingness to love people and our community over ourselves. This 5/5/5 Vision will challenge us and change us SO THAT others may be saved. Isn’t that our purpose as Christ-followers. Dear Lord, let this be said of us.

So, how do we raise and donate $100,000/year for the next 5 years??

  • We will be partnering with approved area nonprofits and researching current and upcoming needs in the Beaufort county area.

  • May 8th, we will have our 5/5/5 Kick-Off which will include an opportunity to pledge via pledge cards single and/or recurrent donations over and above normal tithe. Any and all donations and pledges are valuable and will only be used in this 5/5/5 Ministry!

How do we serve in the community 10,000 hours for the next 5 years??

  • Again, partnering with approved area nonprofits. Using our Helper Helper app, you have the opportunity to choose from an ever evolving list of service opportunities you would like to volunteer for. These can be recurrent or sporadic opportunities.

  • If there is a service opportunity you are interested in but it’s not listed in the Helper Helper app, you can submit the opportunity to the 5/5/5 Leadership Team for approval. If approved, you can easily add it to the app yourself so that you get credit for your service hours.

Please see the 5/5/5 Community Service Ideas & Parameters HERE for guidelines as to how to choose a nonprofit/service opportunity not already listed in the Helper Helper app.

So What Would Various Levels of Participation Look Like in Order to Reach Our BHAG??? (Keep Scrollin')

Yearly Per Volunteer/Giver

Monthly Per Volunteer/Giver

Weekly Per Volunteer/Giver

So…are YOU ready to jump into the next 5 years with us??

Sign-up for the Helper Helper Volunteer Tracking App following the instructions HERE.

And be READY FOR THE KICK-OFF MAY 8th, 2022!!

It’s time to turn our community around for Jesus once and for all!

No more waiting for the lost to come to us! WE WILL GO as we are called to do!!

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28