Please download the Church Center App on your smartphone!

This will allow for all of your volunteer spots to be easily accessible to you and to the schedulers!

Volunteer lists for our children’s programs, Greeters, praise band and communion meditation are made at the beginning of each calendar year but we are always looking for new faces to be added to the lists throughout the year. If you would like to volunteer in our children’s programs, please contact Meghan Moore @ (252) 945-9214 or Joey Craft @ (252) 802-1831 and complete the free background check that will be sent to you by our staff via email.

If you would like to try-out for the praise band, please contact Nathan Carlson at (252) 531-8554.

If you would like to volunteer as a Greeter, please contact Stacie Kirkman at (252) 946-1579.

Please feel free to serve in any capacity you choose but we ask that you choose according to your gifts, talents and passion! Serve and serve well because Love Does!